Tuesday , January 26 2021

Comments: Ulrich Spiessofer was a obsolete model

Ulrich Spiessofer's resignation shows that the days of the super menagers are numbered. What is needed today are bosses who are increasingly controlling changes from a particular industry, writes business editor Christian Kolbe.

Ulrich Spiessofer is an industrial manager of the old shot and grain. He kept the straps strained on ABB, wanted to know everything, knew a lot about things, worked on the road within the group. His enthusiasm for technology is contagious. But technology is no longer a driver of ABB, but a change. The change from a mechanical engineer to a digitized computer and technology operator.

We are looking for a brand new breed, one that does not even have to come from the industry. A surprising statement that actually dropped the phone conference for the departure of Spiesshofer! Therefore, in-depth knowledge of the industry is no longer needed.

Other skills are needed in the rapidly changing world of digitization: the new boss must inspire his employees to change, to showcase the cultural changes that come with him.

Ulrich Spiesshoper was no longer the right person! Also in other corporations sit well deserved, but the bosses fell out of time. It is very possible that there will be further changes in the Swiss executive floors soon.

By the way: The new boss can also be a boss, also repeatedly emphasized the interim boss Peter Voser.

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