Sunday , April 11 2021

Climate activists protest against GV in Zurich against Credit Suisse

Some climate advocates arrived in Oriclin today. Picture: Watson

"Oil lobbyists, by id Chischte!" Climate trimerers burn Credit Suisse GV

Credit Suisse holds its annual general meeting today at Hallenstadion in Zurich. But not only shareholders found their way to Oriclin in the rain, and climate storms arrived.

Demonstrators receive CS guests with slogans like "lobbyist of oil, from I Kishhte!". On the Facebook page of the event, the requirements sound a little more moderate: "Invest in environmental projects, not destroying our future."

Credit Suisse guests are welcomed at the entrance with slogans. Picture: Watson

Watson was there and spoke to climate observers. "We are not here to abolish the banks, but to seek greater commitment to the climate," said climate activist Kaspar. But: "Since 2017, CS has invested in projects that cause more than 80 million tonnes of CO2 emissions." By comparison, Switzerland owed about 40 million tonnes in the same period.

But today, climate attackers are against Credit Suisse. "CS is the main perpetrator in Switzerland!", Says Kaspar. According to the climate activist, the big bank invests at least in climate-neutral projects compared to the competition in Switzerland.

Police were on the spot, and two military helicopters moved the circles over Halenstadion. Picture: Watson

The federal study confirms Kaspar's statement. The large amount of money invested in Switzerland is hard to invest for climate friendly purposes. On the contrary, a large proportion flows into projects that directly disturb the climate. "So we can make a difference in the Swiss financial center for climate protection," says Capsar. (LEO)

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Video: SRF

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