Thursday , January 21 2021

Champions League: Juve flies against Ajax from the Premier League

First fat surprise in Turin! Andre Ajax faces his favorite Juventus in the Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo's goal is not enough for the Italians.

Juventus – Ajax 1: 2 (first leg 1: 1)

Bad news to start for the Dutch. After only 11 minutes, fullback Nusuir Mazraui was injured in the pitch. He will be replaced by Daily Sinkragen – debut on the Champions League for the 23-year-old! And it gets thicker for Ajax. It's been 28 minutes, when the majority of the stadium can be taken to a strong "Siiiiiiiiiii". Cristiano Ronaldo goes to Torino. It's the 24th CR7 header in the Premier Class. He stands at a total of 126 hits. Not for nothing is Ronaldo Mister called the Champions League.

Ajax players hinder

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves 1: 0

But the missing from the Netherlands proves that he can not compete for anything in the first eight teams in Europe. Donnie van de Bic just minutes after Ronaldo's lead to equal an important goal for Ajax. This answer is sitting.

Van de Beek leaves JuveSchecen 2-0

The Dutch play big. Juventus seems confused – especially in the defense: Giorgio Chiellini lacks the Italians because of problems with the body. Only Juventus goalkeeper, Vojcic Schieves, is really on top. Several times he miraculously saves the old lady. But after 67 minutes, Paul can not do anything. Matthijs de Ligt meets more than 2: 1 for Ajax! It stays that way.

Here De Ligt Ajax goes to happiness

Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo are out. And Ajax? The Dutch eliminated the defender of Real Madrid in the second round and now eliminated their favorite Juve. They are sensational in the semifinals and they meet there with the winner of the game Porto vs. Liverpool (first game 0: 2). Hats off!

Barcelona – Manchester United 3-0 (first leg 1: 0)

In the first match of Old Trafford, Lionel Messi had to take care of nearly half an hour. He experienced laceration on his nose after colliding with Chris Maling. That's why Messi paused at the weekend in the league 0-0 against Huesca. For the quarter-finals to return to the Champions League in front of the home crowd, the Argentine Sauberloch, but again fits and can come closer from the start. Fortunately for the Catalans. Because Messi needs a second match only 16 minutes against Mantuda to push the ice to the stadium for Barca. Four minutes later, the exceptional 2-0 player and the excellent help from the United goalkeeper David de Gea already predicted a preliminary decision. It's Messi's goal in the Champions League 109 and 110. After about an hour, Philip Coutinho makes it 3: 0 clear.

De Gea's rough carving

Breathe the Spaniards. The fourth curse is finally defeated. In the last three years, Barcelona has always been in the circle of the past eight years. Last year, after the unforgettable and amazing miracle of Rome.

Messi promised his fans at the start of the season: "We will do our best to bring this wonderful and much anticipated championship to the Champions League at Camp Nou." Barca still has two barriers to winning the premiership. First hurdle: In the semifinals, the Spaniard met the winner of the ManCity match on Wednesday against Tottenham Hotspur (first leg 0: 1). (Mum)

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