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Blahler's answers to questions that no one asked them – Switzerland: Standard

Christophe Bloccher has the answers. Even questions that no one asked. Why can you buy at Finken in Zurich? What are the fears impulses in the fir? In what century were prayer houses located near the glacier Aleh? Who won the EEA voice? And why do Zurich students in the past believe that in the future they will be able to move around the city with gas masks (and possibly with fins)?

A few minutes longer, and Christophe Blocer, probably, will also announce who will run in the Indian elections in Kerala province, what will be the next week, and in which company in the mid-1980s is the best soup with a sparrow. Plauderlaune.

For weeks, Blocer does not speak directly to the media, but is still present as a rare one.

"I do not feel the need to say anything, but you feel the need to ask for something." This is what Christof Blocer said at the start of his media orientation on Tuesday at Zurich's main station. In the last days and weeks he received numerous interview requests, wrote Blocer in his invitation. "Since it is impossible to address all of these requests individually, I decided to do it at a general media conference."

For weeks, Blocer does not speak directly to the media, but is still present as a rare one. How to get out of a tractor over a field (and shoot). How he will be called for a state of emergency at the decisive assembly of delegates to his cantonal party in order to stifle the possible uprising in the bud. How did he assess the situation of Tellyblock ("The Biggest Television in the World of Dialect").

Great shadow

It's an election year, that's it SVP is not in good shape, at all, and suddenly Christophe Bloccher reappears everywhere. Big dark shadow.

Accordingly, the media contingent in the main station in Zurich is excited. To 30 journalists, many cameras, live ticker, live broadcast by the Keystone-SDA news agency, the whole program. For nearly half a year, federal elections, Blocer wants to talk, now, and the media Switzerland thinks, something important is coming. Must. The boss wants to pass the tariff, say a word in power, to awaken people.

Instead, at 11 o'clock, Christopher Blocer is behind the desk with a microphone and says: "I do not feel the need to say anything, but you feel the need to ask for something."

"After death, it continues. Look, the country is not damned."Christophe Bloccher

This is the beginning of an hour in which Blocer answers the questions of journalists in a completely unstructured manner. At everything. What is not this hour: the great wake-up call for his party. Or a big explanation. Instead, "Blocer Pure", as it is called by the NHS, is a look that touches many questions and does not really fit.

The condition of his party is good, Blocer said, the election slogan even very well, and the losses in the Zurich election were explained. The economy does not work badly, it helps the left, it is exaggerated by "climate catastrophe", religion is it, the SVP had no answer, and also the leadership of the cantonal party (he takes the name of the former president not in the mouth) worked too a little bit.

As a result, Blocer speaks more about the climate (although he really does not want to comment on it) and "pseudoscientific" discussion of this phenomenon. "It will be done," Blocer said, as the discussion of the ozone hole has passed. He talks about prayer houses in front of glacier Alekh, where in the 19th century people prayed that the glacier would not grow any further. "Today there is no longer. There are moments when the glaciers grow, and there are moments when they return."

He talks about the green strike, which is quite friendly for the car, most likely in Zurich, where the tram stops at every door and you can go shopping in slippers. He talks about the desertification of the forest, for the nuisance he received on Sunday in the eighties (the price was in the form of a skeleton), talking about a visit to the forest in the same week, describing the branches of his fir in the garden as "Fear Drives" designated. "Ella is still standing today!"

Against the others

He talks about his role in the party (Old Citizen) about the culture of old leaders in Asia. Of course, he talks about the EEA, where he stood alone against the others, about the language of an incomprehensible politician and student demonstrations against the dirty Lake in Zurich. The young people believed that they would soon be able to enter the city with a gas mask ("and, unfortunately, I was there too!").

Blocer speaks of Fizlaus' poster who printed the party during the forest, and was at least the second best poster in the party's history – on the motive with a knife stab. Blacher talks about Albert Rosty ("Is she doing a good job?" – "Yes") and feels for the left. He speaks of the Rainbow Monastery, which is almost as old as Notre Dame; he speaks of AfD, to which the SVP does not want a relationship, speaks of Roger Keppel and speaks of death.

"After death, it continues, there are new people coming. Look, the country is not damned," Blocer said. The last sentence is a quote from his painter Albert Anker. Then Blocer speaks of a letter in which he is called as oak and asks what it is, if the oak is cut. "I said there would be many new oaks. And it might be useful if the largest oak disappears – because it gave too much shade." (Editors Tamedija)

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