Sunday , August 1 2021

Blackstone resources tricks, stock market

Share of Blackstone resources, lower value, last year
is indicated, is in free fall. 13.50 francs cost him
Title at the beginning in July, last night was another 1.50.

behind him
it puts a tragedy, which is a very important instance
raises: the Swiss stock market.

The six admitted that Blackstone Resources could start in an express, ie without thorough examination and without a big route with professional investors. Now a boomerang follows.

what happened in the last few days and weeks around the company
The headquarters in a barren building in the cougar Zug mock
every description.

The culmination of a whole range of inconsistencies as quiet
Departure from the Chief Financial Officer and postponement of the Annual Report
is the only reported loss. Kills everything.

Millions of francs are the loss for the financial year 2018
Last year, ie 2017, there was still a plus of almost 4 million euros.
But then the company was not listed.

In short:
You go with a profit pass on the floor, sold on the hot
Goods as soon as possible, then plunge from nowhere
The giant hole on.

is it happening? And what does the stock exchange say?

runs to common places. "SIX
Exchange Regulation AG monitors all publishers in conjunction with
compliance with applicable stock exchange regulations and goes
Sources of suspicion are systematic after, "a spokeswoman said
CFO left the back door a few weeks ago.

continue: "If irregularities are detected, SIX opens
Exchange Regulation AG will examine and inform
The public to start the investigation. For you
We can not provide information on this issue. "

comes company with more or less muddy
Business model in the fast process of the stock market, the course crashed
steep downhill, strange incidents happen on the road –
and the responsible stock market … nothing.

now it will be explosive. Last week published Blackstone resources
She is known to have several millions in a private placement
to raise new capital from shareholders.

What he did not say is who bought these shares. Everything shows that he is the main shareholder and president of Blackstone, Ulrich Ernst.

this I suppose? The number of shares that are privately placed
can agree exactly in the work exactly in the press release of the
Blackstone Resources and the Sixth Website where the management
Transactions are published.

it is said, was the purchase of about 1.2 million shares of
"Executive Director / Member of
Management ".

The questions for Blackstone Resources were as follows:

"The private placement of shares of 1 & # 918; 948 BLS corresponds to the purchase of the same number of shares of BLS by an executive member of the Board of Directors on May 2, 2019. So, is a management member possible personal ranking? Is it Ulrich Ernst? "

"How was the price paid for the shares? In the form of a loan, cash, different?" "Why was the price paid far above the current market price?"

They were submitted earlier yesterday. So far, he was silent. No answers.

There was a capital increase 4 years before Blackstone Resources's initial public offer. It turns into a British Virgin Islands company. This turned the 20 million franc loan balance into Blackstone's resources.

The correctness of the transaction was confirmed by Ulrich Ernst. The whole thing was tested by an unknown trustee.

For all this, lobbying has been made by investors in the last six years. What the stock market organization did in that – whether an investigation began – is not known.

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