Monday , June 14 2021

Black Ops 4 wants money for the skin, which was free

With Black Ops 4, you can always buy real money for real money. But the recent offer allows many Black Ops 4 players for heated minds.

Players of Waffenskin Divine Justice can be received by the players as a free bonus before ordering when they order a gambopop through the chain of stores. Now this skin is available for all players.

Free skin will be paid

2 skins for 20 €: For 2,000 Call of Duty Points (CP), which is $ 20, you can buy the "Autumn Firearms" package. The package includes two leather weapons:

  • A weapon of "Madox", a weapon of carbon cobra
  • and the Divine Justice gun
Black Ops 4 Divine Justice Black Market

Source: RTCJOK3R

Especially bleak: The Waffenskin Divine Justice was previously available to the players as a free bonus before ordering. Unique codes of Waffenskin are sold at Ebay for € 5 each. Players undermined Publisher Activision offerings.

"Activision becomes greedy"

Fans are angry: At Reddit, Black Ops players are loudly talking about the black market offer. According to her, the price of 20 euros is too high. Especially negative you will notice that they do not receive the divine justice of the skin right after the purchase, but you must first unlock it from Grind.

fever black OPS 4 black tower

A player writes: "You think you hate prey boxing, but once you're gone, you'll miss it. I'd rather accidentally unlock the content that I can get for free, instead of paying CP.

Too expensive microtransactions: The Reddit article explains in detail the extent to which the AAA plays such as Black Ops 4 should have any microtransactions at all. The prices are similar to players, as well as titles with free to play, but publishers will still be looking for the whole retail price. The $ 20 requested is still 1/3 of the original Call of Duty Black Ops 4 price.

One player spent $ 1,000 on the Black Ops 4 black market until he unlocks all cosmetic products.

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