Sunday , January 24 2021

Beatrice Eagles represents the soundtrack of her trip to Australia

Hardly back from Australia, Beatrice Eagles is releasing her new single – and shows how well she is under her.

It was not until early March that Beatrice Eagle, 30, returned from her big trip to Australia. After the hit "red desert sand" for "snow and meadow" and "Ayers Rock Against the Mountains" exchanged, the singer gave the gas directly to the studio – and today announced their new single.

This is for the foreign adventure of the star "My Heart": "My excitement is tremendous, because tomorrow evening my new single Terra Australia will be released," Eagles writes to Instagram. "A soundtrack on my journey, in a very personal, natural way."

"That look at you – really melts!"

To announce the hit star, self-government was announced for itself in the jersey with the words "Real Life". Fans are happy about the image and the new music of their idol: «Great picture», writes one user. "Dear Beatrice, what a beautiful picture for you. I can not wait to hear the new single and the new album," one fan enters. "You are so beautiful, I love this picture," comments one user. "Wow!" Writes a fan. "You look so cute", praises one user. «Hammer picture. And this look at you – really melts! », So one more comment.

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