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Bazl: Ju-Air is no longer allowed to fly commercial travelers

The Federal Civil Aviation Office will withdraw the Dübendorfer Ju-Air license for commercial passenger flights. But the ancient airline is unspoken: "We continue to fly!" All passengers are now members of the club.

The grief was great: in the summer of 2018, the Ju-Air engine in Piez Segnias collapsed. All 20 people died on board. The question arose, how safe the old cars are still.

Now, the Federal Civil Aviation Office has decided: it wants to withdraw the approval of the commercial company Dibendorf for commercial passenger flights. The reason is that Ju-Air did not fully implement the technical measures, writes Bazel.

"The operation of such classical cars requires great demands," said Bazle spokesman Urs Holddergerger. "In our research, we found that there are unanswered technical and operational issues." While these issues are not resolved and the deficiencies will not be eliminated, there are no flights.

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If you want to fly, you need to become a member

This leaves old cars on the ground temporarily – at least for many aviation enthusiasts. Basle predicts that club members can continue to offer passenger flights in "private conditions". Passengers will have to be a member of the association for at least 30 days and be informed of the "higher risks" of flying with a classic plane.

This regulation is not absurd, says Bazle Holdergerger, spokesman. "No, the goal of this rule is that a flight with such a classic car is not a" spontaneous excursion. "" Whoever wants to make such a flight must be aware of the risks. "Since the traveler now has to be a member of the club for 30 days, we can apply for it," explained Holderegger.

«Yu-Air continues to fly»

This exception is probably the reason why Ju-Air responded in the first opinion peacefully to the decision. "For Ju-Air, this does not mean significant changes for flights to Switzerland," said spokesman Christian Gartman in a statement. Already today almost every passenger is already a member of the club.

That's why Gartman is clear: "Yu-Air Flies". The airline wants to return all three Junker classic cars from the Ju-52 model. The result is that flight operations will be limited this year and next year. They wanted to completely check the machines.

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