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Ariana Grandes an unpleasant tattoo failed – watson

Ariana Grande got a new tattoo and quite wrong

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Image: Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / Invision

With "7 Rings" Ariana Grande just won first place in the US charts. What is the logical consequence of this success? So? For Grande, a clear case: to have "7 rings" packed as a tattoo.

And so, let the 25-year-old stab a Japanese character on the palm of his hand. But the whole thing was not as planned.

Twitter users quickly found that what's on the Grand's hand in Japanese does not mean "7 rings". But: Japanese grill.

How did the body fail? The singer had too much pain with the tattoo, collapsed during the session – and decided to release it for the first time.

The tattoo will not last, says Grande. Background: Tattoos on the palms quickly appear.

Luck in bad luck and all Twitter is happy. Here are the best reactions:

#RespectAriana – It's not like touching a woman!

Video: watson / Emily Engent

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