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App «shutdown» – Apple blocks Facebook – soon Google?

App "shutdown" – Apple blocked Facebook – is it Google soon?

Apple punishes Facebook by excluding an important software developer program. And also, Google threatened, allegedly, bad luck because it went through an iPhone application of controls.

Apple took the drastic measure of Facebook discoveries controversial research application. The Facebook group can no longer distribute internal iOS apps to employees or other people, Apple has blocked the corresponding digital certificates. This was announced by the edge of Wednesday.

To prevent misunderstandings: "exclusion" does not affect applications available in the App Store. but:

The unnamed source familiar with the situation, said the American tech blog that previously published versions of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other applications in development no longer work.

Applications that Facebook employees use only within the company, for example, for transport or food in employees' bins, have been affected.

Facebook treats this internally as a "critical issue" because the affected applications no longer work on working devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac).

Does Google also trick?

It seems that Facebook is not the only company that abuses Apple's system, Tech Crunch said on Wednesday night. Google also passed one application in the App Store controls on non-company devices.

Google iPhone phoned an app called Screen gauge which has a strong resemblance to the Facebook application. So with the application that has since been blocked by Apple.

Initially, Screenwise was available for users 13 and older, just like the Facebook research app. In the meantime, Google must be a major user 18 – but small family members may also participate.

Like Facebook, Google also attracts volunteers with financial incentives. You need to install a VPN application to enable tracking and traffic estimation. As a reward for participation in the program for online market research, he called coupons cards.

Although Google is more transparent than Facebook about the way the data collection application works, it still violates Apple's policies, according to Tech Crunch.

A spokesperson for Apple earlier said the company would not tolerate injuries.

"We are designing our Enterprise Development Program for internal distribution of applications within an organization. Facebook uses its membership to distribute a data collection application for consumers, a clear breach of their agreement with Apple." What we will do in this case, to protect our users and their data. "


What was the trigger?

Tech Crunch announced Wednesday that Facebook has it Enterprise Programmer Program used by Apple to install an application for "research" on iPhones from adolescents.

For a monthly fee of $ 20, teens allowed the group comprehensive access to installing a VPN application. The research application could have submitted the entire online activity on Facebook, including chat conversations, posted photos, addresses of visited pages and where they are located. And purchases in Amazon should disclose items.

The iOS application used for tracking violates the privacy guidelines that have strengthened Apple 2018.

How are apps out of the app store distributed?

Apple Enterprise Programmer Program It is designed for third-party organizations and developers to make applications available for a limited group of users outside the app store. These so-called "enterprise applications" are for internal use only, for testing, for example, when testing beta versions.

"Apple does not review and approve these apps as they do in the App Store, because they can be downloaded only by employees working for the application creator."


Because Facebook did not follow this rule, Apple has revoked digital certificates that allow such applications to work on iOS devices.

The article explains:

"Revocation of the certificate not only prevents the distribution of applications on iOS, but also that applications work. And since internal applications from the same company or developer can be associated with a single certificate, it can lead to huge headaches that Facebook has today, where many internal applications are closed. "

Between Facebook and Apple, there were already tensions in 2018. Apple CEO Apple Tim Cook criticized Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg publicly after becoming aware of the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytics. Facebook legislation is needed.

How does Facebook react?

Facebook had originally made the statements sounded like it would voluntarily disable the controversial iPhone app. For Android, you want to continue working with the app.

So far, the Group has not stated whether it violated the provisions of the Developer Enterprise Developer Program. On the other hand, it is emphasized that the market research program with teens is in place since 2016 and in the correct context. Minors participated only with the consent of the parents.

US Recode Media recalls that Facebook relies on Apple to deliver its applications (Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) to iPhone users around the world.

Apple is unlikely to delete Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp from the App Store, Recode writes. But it will be interesting to see if Apple is trying to punish Facebook in any other way.

The same may soon be applied to Google and to its equally popular iOS applications.

Additional documents:

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