Sunday , April 18 2021

Actor Demian Bihir announces the death of his wife

Los Angeles –

The actor Demian Bichir (55, "Hate Eight", "The Alien: the Covenant") announced the death of his wife Stephanie Sherk. The Canadian actress, who also worked as a model, was only 37 years old.

His beloved wife died peacefully on April 20, Bichir announced on Thursday for a photo of Sherk on his Instagram account. This was the saddest and most difficult time of our lives, a native Mexican writes on behalf of relatives. Behir did not make any statements about the cause of death.

Friends and followers have expressed Compassion on Instagram. She is so sorry, writes German actress Diane Kruger. "I am sending you a lot of love in this difficult time," she added.

Sherk and Bichir are a couple from 2011. The Canadian acted in several television productions and films, including "Valentine's Day" and "Refugio". Bichir was nominated for an Oscar in 2012 for his leading role in the film "Better Life". (AP)

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