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3: 2 victory over Colorado – Furious Pavelet return: Meyers San Jose in the final of the conference – sport


Sharks win the "Bell" against Lavina. The source is the renewed captain.

Hockey player


The captain returns to the ship

Joe Pavelsky.


Timo Mayer is fighting San Jose for entering the Stanley Cup final. Sharks defeated Colorado 3-2 in Game 7 against Colorado and faced St. Louis in the final of the conference.

The captain returns to the ship

The game was marked by the return of Joe Pavelsky. The shark captain, after a 2-week ice breakdown, opened Skore (6) and prepared 2: 0 by Thomas Hertl (12). For Hurtle it was already the ninth goal in the playoffs. Joanas Donskoy (33) finished with a goal of 3: 1 with a lull of 39 innumerable games.

Earlier, Colorado's alleged equalization with Colin Wilson was canceled after the Coach's Offside Challenge. Extremely unhappy for Lavina: Offside was prompted by Gabriel Landescu, who was only in the offensive zone to be replaced. On the other hand, the shark coach Peter DeBoer showed a good impression.

Miko Rentanen (20) and Tyson Jost (41) returned hope in Colorado. In the end, the team from the West United States, having lost the first place in the 2002 final, missed out, but no longer is the third goalkeeper Martin Jones of Sharks. This showed a strong performance with 14 savings in the last third.

Andrigeta to Nati?

Mayer was on sharks 15:40 minutes of ice and was without a stress spot. Retired with Colorado Sven Henriette can now come as a follower of the Swiss Nati for the World Cup in Slovakia.

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