Friday , April 16 2021

20 minutes – This series endangers the end of Netflix

This year, Disney wants to open its own streaming service Disney Plus. This will allow the Group to compete directly with Netflix in the future. Other US media giants, such as Warner Media and NBC Universal, also planned such offers.


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For Netflix, this should be a big hit, as media giants will take away their content from the pioneer pioneer: "It will harm Netflix properly, as Disney takes away all of his movies and series," says Jean-Claude Frick, a digital expert in Compare Comparison Service, up to 20 minutes.

For example, Netflix's Star Wars and the Marvel series and Disney Plus movies and the still-popular Friends series will switch to Warner Media. "The process is already underway," said Michael Klas, Digital Marketing Manager, Ziriw University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), in 20 minutes.

These are series that can be seen in Switzerland on Netflix, but originally come from the American giants. (Table: RCN)

The content of the three major US corporations, which open their own platforms, is extremely popular. At the moment, home-based home users consume around 40 percent of their time in Netflix watching movies and series of these companies, as the Wall Street Journal writes, "It's not known in Switzerland, but the content will have a lot of traction," says Claas.

The content of the withdrawal of media giants is likely to happen first in the United States, as it has its first dealerships at Netflix competitors – Disney Plus and Warner Media want to start this year, NBC Universal should come in 2020. Experts are convinced that the changes will also affect Switzerland: "As soon as the new platforms are active in our country, their content will disappear in Netflix," says Frick von Kompris. It's just a matter of time.

In order to be able to continue offering attractive films and series instead of disappearing content, Netflix now has, above all, boosting its own production, experts say. In addition, Netflix will continue to rely on external content, says Klaas from ZHAW: "They must then buy expensive." For consumers it will mean price increases. Netflix recently raised its prices in Switzerland in the second year.

But it can be assumed that the quality of the content should increase in the future. If the competition becomes bigger, it can afford less to produce average series. This is true for industrial giants with new offers and for established streaming providers – not just for Netflix, but for all those who will produce their own films in the future. These include Amazon and Apple.

Netflix's offer in Switzerland is already lower than on the domestic market. Swiss users are currently able to access 2935 movies and 1325 series. In the United States there are 4091 films and 1761 series.

At the question of 20 minutes, as Netflix will deal with increasing competition, the US company has not yet responded.

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