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20 minutes – the bar owner pours whiskey from the Star of the toilet into the toilet

Connor McGregor was once the biggest superstar in the world's most profitable MMA league, UF. The Irish martial artist was a world champion in two weight classes at the same time. Now the 31-year-old was once so good – at least he thinks so himself – that he pulled out of a fight with undefeated world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, hit him in the boxing ring – and the fight for technical knockout. lost in the tenth round.

Habib Nurmagomedov turns to victory

Meanwhile, McGregor almost exclusively with negative headlines. He is said to have recently thrown the phone out of the fan's hand and spoiled it. And now the latest unrest has become public – a video emerged last April. At the marble pub in Dublin, Mac Gregor wished his whiskey «Right no. 12 », with which it has developed since its still official withdrawal from UC Octagon, another basis, a trump card. One elder did not want to taste this evidence and replied, "I don't drink this shit," as the Irish Mirror reports. McGregor then slapped him in the face.

"Cowardly and frightening behavior"

It was too bad – said a bar owner in Florida. John Rice, managing director of Irish Pub Solitaire Shamok on Apollo Beach, was thrilled by the negative publicity of McGregor. He posted the following statement on Facebook:

"Due to the cowardly and frightening behavior of the so-called professional Irish fighter Connor McGregor, the Solitaire Hamok range will no longer sell its products and will no longer associate with its name. We throw out his whiskey in a way that suits his behavior. I urge all other Irish pubs to do the same. He is not a true representative of the Irish. »

And Rice, coming from Ireland, left her words to follow his words. So he told his employees to pour the McGregor whiskey where it belonged: in the bathroom (see video above). Rice didn't want empty bottles of whiskey in his pub, they were immediately thrown out into the bowl. This was the bar "Properly no. 12 »- for free, as Rice said.

On social media, the video has made the rounds and Rice is gaining popularity for his action. No reaction from McGregor. The publicity obviously didn't bother him, he celebrated the baptism of his daughter Kroja on Friday in a huge castle with a great party.

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