Saturday , April 17 2021

20 minutes – So the Swiss diplomats park in Kosovo

20-minute reader FG * recently witnessed that a man in Pristina simply parked his silver Audi Q3 with a diplomatic license plate on the pavement. Part of the car even blocked the forest. According to G., the car belongs to the Swiss Embassy.

The reader is outraged: "He always does the same crap. I regularly see him parked around the city." In fact, the unusual style of parking was already a topic in the Kosovo media in mid-April. The passersby were stabbed with babies, because the off-roader blocked the pavement.

EDA warns the driver

Do not traffic rules apply to Swiss overseas diplomats? Pierre-Alain Elchinger, spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DPA), denies this at the request of 20 minutes: "In general, the FDFA requires members of their representatives and members to respect the rules and laws of their host country."

According to Ellschinger, the car belonging to a member of the diplomatic headquarters of the Swiss Embassy: "He is governed by a family member. Meanwhile, the embassy warned him of wrong behavior."

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