Sunday , April 18 2021

20 minutes – Man fatally injured during theft

On March 19, a break was carried out in a family home in Munich, while the elderly were attacked and seriously injured. The man died three days later on March 22, his injuries at the hospital. Meanwhile, the two alleged perpetrators were arrested in France, according to the Basel public prosecutor on Friday.

The suspects are two Romanians aged 30 and 21. They can already identify shortly after the crime and advertise internationally for search. Initially, the Basel authorities did not announce the collapse in order to evade the service, or conspiracy, in case of execution. They do not know until the arrest that they are wanted for murder.

"You also wanted to prevent perpetrators from knowing that we know who they are," said Michael Lutz, a spokesman for the Basel prosecutor. He did not provide details of the criminal act of the request, nor provided additional information about the victim or the scene of the crime in order to prevent identification. The procedure for submitting suspects to the law enforcement agencies in Basel is under way.


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