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20 minutes – Experience the tenants with a poster for demolishing houses

Without prior notice from the administration, the tenants of Grenzachstrasse 71 in Basel were suddenly notified by a publisher of the impending demolition of the property. According to BZ, they now feel insecure and afraid.

"We are all shocked," writes Oscar Herzig, according to the Facebook newspaper. The former director of the SVP Board of Directors is Managing Director of Confederates Jonas-Hertzig, based in the affected building. "Zeitgeist or modern communication?" Asks the confectioner.

Who shot the goat?

Despite the shock, tenants may breathe first. The announcement is really flawed, as the building inspectorate told the newspaper. The number 71 is not broken, but the number 69 is broken. It is the house in the courtyard of the property.

They live in the demolition house, according to expatriates "bc", who usually did not stay in Basel for more than three months. The house with furnished apartments is a real subject of Bauweger. By 2023, there should be development of 18 to 20 "affordable" apartments.

The real estate firm has calmed down

Responsible real estate company Warteck Invest AG called an informative event for residents of Grenzachstrasse 71, as you can read further in the article. "We can use the fear of the people and calm them down: in Grenzacherstrasse 71 no layoffs are issued," a spokesman was quoted as saying.


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