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20 minutes – Diploma was faster without Tanya

Patric has so far been the only highlight of the new season. In a quiet, restrained manner and on the whole, he led them from the first episode "Diploma". He got sympathy bonus points with the short laugh that hangs behind every other sentence. And with his visit to Grossy Gertrude, who gave him tips on flirting on the road to Thailand.


How did you find the first episode with a Patric degree?

How does it work: Install the latest version of the 20-minute app. On the Home screen, tap the first three tabs, then Speed. At the bottom of "Themes", you push the screw to the right of "People" – it's already working.

By the way, the 20-minute crew is also on the road to Instagram.

Patric arrives with the ladies: I summarize the verdict in one word: "Sexy", they find it. He also impressed the candidates with his extra-deep neckline – so deep that it outstripped those of the loose ladies and in some settings the camera didn't even fit into the picture. "Please shut up your shirt, it makes me nervous," Giancarla said before the speeding date.

The two candidates for silicone made the most noise in advance – and then nothing came. That Tanja revealed the chest in the first two scenes was just as predictable as the Wassprudler and Sextet product placements. Does Playtime have two more to offer in episode two?

And then Alessia: She was after her evidence of beautiful surgery and a pretty funny move on arriving at a baby pool inflatable suddenly very quiet – and especially busy stroking the wig.

Alessia tells why she was put under a knife. (Video: 3 + / 20 minutes)

Patric sent two candidates home after saying hello and speeding dates. For the record here their names: Adela, 25, and Christina, 36, are empty-handed after the first roses distribution. So there are still 19 women hoping to be invited to the cruise ship next week for a degree.

The first ladies gigs in 2019. (Video: 3 + / 20 minutes)


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