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What is the history of today's HVB home?

A 17-year-old girl died after she became a worm in the HVB shelter in Trollhättan. A 14-year-old girl is suspected of a crime. Hans Lippens, a spokesman for the police, told the Swedish radio that "the suspect girl was handed over to the social authorities."

But both girls were already under the protection of social authorities. That is why they were in the same room at the same time – on the night of the employees on the spot. How could this happen?

Children and teenagers placed in the home for care and housing (HVB) are step-brothers of society. They often have violence and addiction to family and mental health in the diary. They are extremely sensitive.

Violence usually in HVB homes

Living in HVB homes will help them live well on the right. However, too often there is violence and sexual abuse in the area. Last summer, witnesses at Sydsvenskan described "systematic abuse of children" in several HVB ​​apartments in Malmö. It was about violence in the group of pregnant girls and night workers who used their position to force sex.

Even at home with trained and competent staff there may be risks. Crime gangs have introduced a system of renting all younger boys in order to commit all gross crimes – so young that they can not be punished. After the summer wave of shooting in Malmö, the social service refused 12 juveniles – to prevent their murder or murder.

Young people who suffer from mental illness, trauma or are accused of a crime can be dangerous to other residents and staff. Two years ago, a 22-year-old woman was killed by a resident of the HVB home in which she worked in Mölndal.

According to the Inspection for Health and Care (IVO), social services of municipalities are "necessary" with regard to children's observation. One-third of the children were not able to talk to the social service in one room, because they were placed, and half of the children did not receive their care again examined every six months, as required by law.

Social carers earn a lot of money

During the wave of refugees in 2015-2016, the HVB industry rapidly developed: according to the Swedish Competition Authority, more than 1,300 HVB housing units were launched. In this intense period, as many as 50 new homes have been opened.

The HVB industry attracted entrepreneurs who wanted fast and big money. It was not until 2015 that the municipalities purchased the headquarters of private HVB companies for SEK 4 billion. The control broke down – the social service knelt to put everyone unattended, and he just did not come with her.

According to IVO, this is just a declaration: "The failure to monitor was common until this period." It looks like a system error.

Children detained by children have long been seriously treated by the welfare state. In 2011, children who were neglected in foster families in the years 1920-1980 received an apology from the state.

Now a 17-year-old girl was murdered – while she was in social care. What is the history of today's HVB home?

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