Wednesday , April 21 2021

"Ustasha keeper" in Uppsala is convicted

Crimes were committed in Uppsala during January and February and attracted great media attention, partly because many of the vulnerable women testified that a man was carrying a guardian of his mouth when he paused on them.

In the verdict, the Uppsala District Court writes that it has been proven that a man on eleven different occasions attacked women by approaching them from behind without warning, pausing them and then quickly leaving the place. In at least nine cases, he was masked with a squeak.

The DNA of a man was found on a dress

The dress that one of the women wore, one found the DNA of a man, a fact that he could not explain. Other technical evidence, in the form of GPS reports and information from the human phone, is also linked to crimes.

A man is sentenced to a probation period of 60 hours in community service. The verdict states that the non-resident has proposed that a person be trained as a program of relations and coexistence, something he agreed to. He will also pay damages to women.

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