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“This was not the plan when you entered the season”


To access the plus service, you must sign an agreement with ESMG by registering and paying a subscription.

ESMG continuously updates and enhances service plus, which means we can add, modify and remove content and features without prior notice. ESMG reserves the right to make mistakes in writing to any of our pages where information is provided about any of our services plus.

Activation of the service plus

Your subscription starts when you fill out the registration form and pay the service fee plus. This gives you access to the service plus while the subscription is running. In case you do not pay a subscription for the initial period (defined at your registration), the plus service starts when you fill in the registration form and register a payment option.


After you register and pay the service fee plus, the confirmation will be sent to you via the email you provided during registration. The confirmation contains the terms of your subscription. The information you provided during registration will be in your account. Please check that this information is correct. If any information is incorrect, change it through your account. You are responsible for ensuring that contact information is accurate.

Age limit

You must be at least 18 years old to sign up for the plus service. If you are under 18, you need the approval of a parent or other guardian to register and use the plus service. By registering and paying the benefit, you also confirm that you have received such approval from a parent or other guardian. You always have the assurance that the information you provide about yourself is accurate.

Subscription deadline and termination

Your subscription can be either a permanent subscription or a fixed time subscription. From your order and registration for the service plus appears whether your subscription is a permanent subscription or whether it is for a fixed time.

Permanent subscription means that you get access to the service plus for a certain period of time (usually one (1) month), which is extended for the same period if you do not cancel the subscription yourself before the end of the period. If you do not want your permanent subscription to be extended, you must cancel your subscription 48 hours before the current period expires. Termination can occur on My Page under the appropriate page you are logged in to.

Fixed subscription means that you get access to the service plus during the specified period of time and that the subscription is automatically terminated. Fixed time subscription can not be canceled early.

ESMG reserves the right to cancel your subscription, whether it is a permanent subscription or a fixed-term subscription, with thirty (30) days notice. ESMG also has the right to immediately cancel or freeze your subscription if ESMG suspects you are in breach of these Terms.

Service fee plus

The subscription for the service plus consists of a regular monthly subscription and is always paid in advance. If the fee is different from one month, it is stated at registration. The current fee is also stated on your registration. The stated fee includes VAT.

ESMG reserves the right to change the service fee plus for permanent subscriptions. The changed fee applies from the next period, provided you have not canceled the subscription before the expiration of the period. Fixed time subscription does not affect the possible price change during the agreed commitment period.

Clarina payments

ESMG uses Klarna Payments as a payment solution. Klarna Payments presents certain information to you as soon as you are identified. The information you need to enter to achieve identification may vary between different purchases and customers. Credit information is never taken directly from Klarna Payments, but if necessary, depending on the payment option chosen. Credit information obtained from Clarna does not affect your creditworthiness and may not be viewed by others seeking credit information about you, such as banks. Once identified, Klarna Payments indicates which options are available to you. The invoice is pre-selected as a payment option, but of course you are free to choose one of the other options, such as direct payment by bank or payment by card. The options offered to you may vary from time to time. You can choose whether you want to protect the use of Klarna Payments with a PIN code. For information about your payment, contact Clarna at

The Plus service can only be used for private, non-commercial use. Your subscription is personal and your rights under these Terms may not be transferred to anyone else. You must store your user information in your account securely and inaccessible to other people. If you have any reason to suspect that an unauthorized person has access to your user information, you should notify ESMG as soon as possible. You are liable for damage caused by someone unauthorized using your information.

You must also not use the service plus for ESMG or others to suffer inconvenience or damage. In particular note regarding the content rights of the service plus according to item 6 below.

All content provided through the service plus, such as texts, still images and moving images, graphics, drawings and data codes, is protected by copyright law (1960: 729), and the rights are reserved by ESMG or its licensors. The ESMG Trademarks and Trademarks are protected by trademark law. The fact that you create an account and use the Plus service does not give you the right to duplicate, copy, transfer, rent, transfer or in any other form use such content that appears in the Plus service, nor to use ESMG trademarks and features.

ESMG processes your personal data in accordance with our personal data policy available at

ESMG uses cookies to give you a better experience on ESMG platforms. Read more here:

Your access to the service plus at all times depends on having the necessary hardware and software, such as browsing and email, as well as Internet connection subscriptions. ESMG assumes no responsibility for your access to hardware and software, nor for the functionality of these or any costs that third parties, such as Internet or mobile operators, may incur in connection with your use of the Service Plus. The Plus service is supported by the latest operating systems.

ESMG cannot be held responsible for the function, availability, quality, usability or security of the service plus. This limitation of liability covers any damage, direct or indirect, that can be attributed to the use or impediment to use, plus the service and its content. Nor is ESMG liable for any third party content or information you may have obtained through the use of the Plus service.

ESMG reserves the right to temporarily close the service plus to perform system maintenance, upgrades or other technical measures. ESMG, as far as possible, will implement these measures with as few disruptions as possible for you. ESMG is not liable for any damages or losses you may have suffered due to service restrictions plus access as described above.

The Plus service may contain links to other third-party controlled websites. ESMG is not responsible for the content and settings of such linked websites.

ESMG reserves the right to change these Terms. The change in terms will take effect no earlier than thirty (30) days after the changes will be notified to you via email that you specified when registering for the service plus. If you do not accept the change of conditions, you can cancel the subscription within the above 30 days. Termination can be done via email at [email protected] If you have not canceled your subscription or are using the Plus service after the new terms take effect, you are deemed to have accepted the new changed terms.

If you register for a subscription as a private person, you have the right to cancel the purchase. If you want to exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify us within 14 days of ordering the service plus. You can let us know by contacting ESMG Customer Service via [email protected] There is a template on the Swedish Consumer Agency website ( that you can use to exercise your right of withdrawal.

If the subscription has already been paid upon exercising the right of withdrawal, we will refund your subscription. Because payment for the plus service is made through Clarna Payments, the fee is refunded via Clarna.

You acknowledge that ESMG may contact you by email at the time of registration to inform you of changes to the terms or other messages relating to your subscription or service plus.

We also use your email to send you direct marketing messages, such as newsletters, information and offers on various ESMG services and brands. If you do not want to receive these messages, you can unsubscribe either by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email or by changing your My Account account settings.

These Terms will be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law. Each dispute is decided by a Swedish general court, with the Stockholm District Court. Disputes can also be heard by the General Appeals Board, whose decision is a recommendation to the parties on how the dispute should be resolved.

You are always welcome to contact ESMG via [email protected]

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