Sunday , February 28 2021

They take over the maintenance of Xratagen

Jonkipings Lenstrafik together with Kalmar Lenstrafik, Lenstrafiken Kronoberg, Blackingtrafiken, Hallandstrafiken and Skenetrafiken procured the operation and maintenance of Krsatagen.

And, exactly C be will be assigned the task that starts on December 12, 2021 and is valid for the next 12 years. The train traffic currently operated in Kustpilen and Krsatagen is jointly procured and will be managed under the Krstastagen brand in the future

The new contract for Krösatåg includes traffic between Linkеping to the north and Hasselholm to the south and Halmstad to the west and Kalmar to the east. The combined volume of traffic is about 7.5 million kilometers per year with vehicles that are powered by electricity or have an internal combustion engine. Krsatagen and Kustpilen together had 3.5 million passengers in 2019.

– Our current goal in Jonkoping County is to have 25 million trips by public transport per year by 2025. This gives us good conditions for increased travel for the inhabitants of the region; says regional councilor Marcus Escdal (S) and chairman of the political co-operation group for Krasatogen. in a press release,

In the next few years and new vehicles will be put into use and a new train depot will be built in Nosje. With the new investments, Krstastagen is further strengthened.

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