Sunday , October 17 2021

The woman in Höllviken was robbed of her car

It was on Tuesday when the robbery alarm reached the police. At 20.46 the police went to the address in the central part of Höllviken.

An elderly woman will be looted there.

According to the report, the woman was attacked from behind by the perpetrators who hit her legs.

Then they forced their keys and fled the place with their car.

"It happened when she intended to park her car, not so far from home," says Anna Göransson.

Dog patrol car rails

The woman went home alone, leaving the police there. She should not have been seriously injured.

"She does not need emergency care," says Anna Göransson at the police.

The police began to search for masked criminals in the area.

– We searched the area and at the place of the crime patrol. We also drove around the area after the car, but it could not be recovered "- says Anna Göransson.

"But we do not have much to do.

An elderly woman left a sharper signal from the perpetrators. According to her, they were masked. But at first there is no other information about the suspects.

The perpetrators are described as masked.

There is no hug for action.

The text is updated.

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