Sunday , February 28 2021

The Udevala brothers are once again the most viewed on Youtube

The middle parodies of the beloved Udevalla brothers, Daniel and Emil Norberg, continue to be just that, beloved. The parodies of the Melodifestival brothers became the most watched video of the year on Youtube in Sweden.

– It is absolutely amazing that we managed to be the most watched clips in Sweden again! We are lucky that our middle parodies come from year to year. “An artist who publishes a hit often has to release another hit next year, but we always have something in between that comes out in the spring,” Daniel Norberg told Bohuslovingen.

We are already planning new parodies

This is not the first time they have found themselves on the top list of YouTube. In the last seven years they have been in the top ten lists and were four times four.

Now Daniel Norberg also reveals that they have already started speculating about parodies next year this week.

“They have already started announcing certain names before the middle of 2021,” said Daniel Norberg.

– How is the band Mustache? Hmmm … Massage? Yes, we will see what becomes simple!

The music video of comedian Hampus Hedstrom, the corona, which is an interpretation of the song “Weak” by the artist Victor Lexel, finished in second place over the most viewed clips on Youtube in Sweden.

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The full list of the most watched YouTube videos in Sweden 2020:

1. Melodifestivalen parodi 2020 – Brederna Norberg

2. Music video “Weak” – Hampus Hedstrom

Change your diet with Bianca Ingrosso for one day – Task: Food

4. 11-year-old Marga Flevet pays Bianca Ingrosso in tears – “Talent” on TV4

5. In 60 days a millionaire underground house was built for swimming pools – Mr. Tfue

6. Shakira and ennifer Lopez show at halftime in the Super Bowl

7. “Splash” – ockoki and Jonona

8. We are done – Antonija Mandir

9. Ames Corden discovers “Karaoke Carpula” by Nane Grenwall.

10. Tony om Corona – Robert Gustafson

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