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The newcomer Uppsala BoIS aims for the SM final in the bandit

The newcomer Uppsala BoIS has big dreams

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Three years ago, Ebaba Wengstrom and Agnes Ortman started the band's funniest lineup.

They are now entering the highest batch of earth – and dreams do not end there.

"One fine day, we will stop at the Student Union and play the SM final," Wongstrom said.

When Uppsala Boise launched her women's business in 2016, the team was a beautiful blend of what the founders found: elite players, gold conquerors, former hockey players and anyone who has never played mob before.

The initiators themselves, Eba Wengstrom and Agnes Ortman, then played the band's elite at AIK while joining Upsala. But eventually they got tired of traveling to Stockholm.

– Then we came to the conclusion that Uppsala has fantastic conditions in the group. But there was no female team, so we took the job into our own hands, explains 27-year-old Ebaba Wengstrom.

Now, after three seasons at Alsvenskan, they are ready for the elite series and Wingstrom seems a little bit shocked by that fact.

– I am really moved that maybe we are here in the living room now and I hope we can prove we belong here.

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Goal: SM Student Final

Wingstrom says their current coach Ronny Alsen is a contributing factor to the team's progress.

– Ronnie built a great youth business that we merged with. So, in the early years, the young were very young, but now some of them have participated and won gold in the Junior World Championships, so obviously it means a lot to have them redefined.

The last time Uppsala had a female team was the 2012/2013 season, but that business was cut short when they left the elite series. Wenstrom is determined that it is not Uppsala Bois's fate.

– Maybe we will come now, maybe we will leave, but we will definitely not put down our team. We are 30 players in our training and if we do not play in the elite series next year we will do so a year later. And one fine day we will be standing there with the Students in the SM Final, I have no doubt about that.

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