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The 17-year-old girl smiled and celebrated after the murder in Gouldden

In May 2018, a man in his 30s was shot dead in the Gouldden Field in Gothenburg. The Witnesses told the police that the man, who was sitting in a car, was attacked and that several blows were fired:

– I was in my apartment and heard something that sounded like a fire from a powerful weapon, an automatic weapon. It sounds like emptying five to ten shots, and then I heard a car on the fast track.

The killing is linked to the Gothenburg conflict gangs and the constellations at Biskopsgarden, and trial negotiations were opened in the Göteborg district court on Wednesday.

The suspected shooter is a 20-year-old from the Stockholm area, which police mean has been hired as a torpedo.

photo: police

There are two people who are accused of murder. In addition to the suspected shooter – a 20-year-old from the Stockholm area, for whom police believe he was engaged as a torpedo – is also a 17-year-old girl.

Be with the suspect shooter

Prosecutor Linda Viking believes that the 17-year-old acted in accordance with the man, even if someone did not think she was the one who fired the killings.

"This was his girlfriend and I think he's very loyal," says Linda Viking.

– There is information in the questioning that she even said herself wants to join.

The 19-year-old girl explains she was with the suspected shooter, but in a later hearing they said the relationship ended when they were closed.

The lawyer of 20-year-old man, Peter Dahkviv, does not want to go into the relationship between the two murder suspects.

"I am not entering the individual relations of the individual defendants, but they have to respond to the court themselves," he said.

Sofia Hanson represents the accused 17-year-old.

– My client denies crime. When the trial is held in closed doors, I can not comment on the case further, she says.

"Their faces were brilliant and happy"

Among the defendants are also two other girls suspected of aiding murder.

One of the girls tells police how the 20-year-old and 17-year-old girl celebrated the news of the murder in the media.

The event was to take place at a bar in Gothenburg, near the shooting of death.

"They celebrated, like, that it was said that there were two masked men, when she was really like NN and her boyfriend and that they thought it was like a gang and so there", says the girl in the police interrogation.

According to the involved, the couple suspected of murder were celebrated when the news of the murder in the media appeared.

photo: Henrik Janson

When the investigator asks her to further develop, she responds:

"So they were as happy, happy. You see, like all their characters, they were like flutters, discreet, smiling all the time and so."

The girl also says that the murderous couple appeared calmly afterwards.

She describes it as unpleasant.

"It's there as well as psychopathic behavior if you have done something so seriously, then you can not go around and look like nothing has happened, as is normal. And that's probably what scares me the most", says the girl.

Sign up under police questioning

In the police hearing, the 17-year-old murder suspect categorically denies guilty and refuses to respond more or less consistently to police questions.

At one point, the examiner states that she smiles when she is asked how she feels about the man in his 30s to be killed.

"You laugh, I see", says the examiner

"No comments", corresponds to the 17-year-old.

"No, but I see you laughing", the investigator continues.

"Interpret the way you want", corresponds to the 17-year-old.

Lawyer: "Serious accusations"

Even the suspected shooter refused to speak for interrogation.

His lawyer, Peter Dahlvist, further developed:

– He denies this work and disputes responsibility. He also exercised his right not to comment during a preliminary investigation, but unfortunately I can not provide information that he may have left during the trial.

How do you see the charges against your client?

– Of course, this is extremely serious accusation, but now it finally has its day in court and we hope that the court will understand its situation and accept what it can say.

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