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Swedish jump in the court of Gothenburg – Sport

The Gothenburg Shipyard celebrates 40 years and at that time it has grown from one exercise to running to a near weekly program with different parts. But it's still the original yard, which is the biggest one. This year's organizers expect about 55,000 beginners, of which about 40,000 are expected to complete.

The latest Swedish winner on the male side was Mustafa Mohamed 2004. On the dam side you can return to Lena Gavelin 2002.

Swedish duel

But there is a certain possibility that it will change today, according to Jasper Buitink. For example, he points to the Tram winner Robel Fisca, who was the European best on the field World Cup in late March.

I think Robell might be surprised. He over time has shown he is strong and will likely keep up with the lead, says Buitin.

In addition, a duel is expected between two Swedish marathon specialists – Charlotte Fugberg, Ulevi and Hannah Lindholm, Huddinge. Fougberg became Sverigesvåa's age in a marathon in February, but was recently adopted by six seconds from the Lindholms 2.29.34 Hamburg Marathon.

I'm looking forward to that duel. I believe in the first six of both, says Jasper Buitink.

I believe in the first six of both. Lotto has a home country, always gives a lift and Hannah in the last two races has shown that she is in the form of a gun.

Mengic back

Robbie Fissie, however, learns about the fierce competition from Richard Mengic, the double winners who last year entered and followed the record in 2016, and Kenya's compatriot from Menghh, last year's winner Shadrek Kimining.

On the side of the dam, several runners reported an attack on the record of the heavy semi-marathon track. Among them, for example, Ethiopia Bekeleh Gudeta and several Kenyan choirs.

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