Sunday , June 13 2021

Sweden ready for EH basketball – despite the loss in Italy

Sweden could be given the opportunity to take the place for EM 2019, which has been decided in Serbia and Latvia.

For this, the final victory was needed from Italy.

And Sweden started well. The law was followed in the first period before the Italians put a monster in period 2.

Sweden near the monstercomeback

The position was 40-19 to home team after half a game and was a Swedish attack on a game that was in a halt.

But Sweden has shown morale. With only a few minutes to the left of the match, the gender difference was reduced to only two points.

However, Italy showed strength in the final and could eventually win by 62-56 and secured the group segment and its EM ticket.

"Sweden's case today is retreating, Italy takes too offensive returns and gets a lot of chances," SVT expert commentator Elizabeth Egnel said.

Good enough for the Swedes had a hole.

Sweden ready for the Euro finals

Sweden is still progressing in the finals of the European Championship as one of the six best group tournaments.

Then wild wild scenes broke out from the Swedes.

"It's so damn fun, as we are fighting for this," says Louis Halwardson at SVT.

"It's strange to celebrate when you lose, but we lost it with a small difference and we had to do it in order to continue.

Then she was hit by the star of the WNBA, Amanda Zahui.

– Lolo saved the game! it sounded in the SVT microphone during an interview with Halvarsson.

The advantage means a lot, says SVT expert Elizabeth Egnel.

"It's really important for the future of the Swedish basketball team on the women's side," he said, "which I also praise for two specific players."

– Louise Halvarsson and Frida Eldebrink get an extra star today. They were really good, "she says.

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