Wednesday , August 4 2021

Skåne organizers: “Please, give us something to connect with so that we have something to work for”

The corona pandemic has allowed the entire sports world and now the people behind Scane’s biggest sporting event to call on Amanda Lind, Minister of Culture and Democracy and Minister for Sports Affairs, to make predictions for event organizers.

Jan-Olof Vanius, president of the Falsterbo horse show, is one of those now calling on Amanda Lind to come up with a forecast for the summer of 2021.Picture: MATILDA ALBERG

The letter was signed by Jan O. Vanius, Horse Show Falsterbo, Christer Hult, Nordea Open Bastad and Mats G. Johnson, Ahus Beachhandball.

Together, they write that they do not know at the moment what they can offer for 2021 and that the time for organizing, administering and financing the events next summer is expiring.

“With large quantities of vaccines and also, as we understand it, some immunity at work, the equestrian show” Falsterbo Horse “,” Nordea Open Bastad “and” Ahus Beachhandball “believe that the Minister of Culture should come up with predictions for the organizers of events. If the infection / vaccination status is X in February and continues, you can do Y in July. “If Z is in April, you can do it in July,” the letter said.

The Falsterbo Horse Show, the Nordea Open Båstad and the Åhus Beachhandboll Festival receive thousands of visitors each summer and are three of Sweden’s biggest outdoor events. With their large areas, large capacity of the stands and many years of experience in dealing with large audience flows, they say they have already prepared plans for how events could be conducted safely, but that they need a message:

“Of course we understand that the conditions surrounding the pandemic could change for the better or for the worse. “But please give us something to connect with so we have something to work on.”

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