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Singles of the week: Taylor Swift, Zara Larson, Laleh and Bruce Springsteen

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UNITY Nobody makes a stupid pop smarter than Taylor Swift. Zara Larson pays tribute to the chemicals of love. Tulip writes in Swedish songs and Bruce Springsteen grows with courage.

Taylor Swift featuring Brandon Uri
Republic / Universal
POP In the film "Small Furniture", which is currently in the SVT game, the 22-year-old Aura returns home to her artistic mother in New York with a half-dead hamster, film training outside the box and a cracked backpack. Lena Dunham directed and played a leading role in the film before joining history books through the ingenious television series "Girls".

Taylor Swift and Lena Danhan is not just close friends. They also share the same look of love relationships, everyday drama and have the magical ability to constantly find new approaches in them. When Taylor Swift is at its best, she writes for love like no one else (she does not listen to anything from the album "red") or she only makes the best hits in the world ("Style", "Dancing with tied hands").

Her first new "reputation" music came tonight, cryptically calculated from the fabulous, pink Instagram images and a giant butterfly painted on a wall in downtown Nashville.

"I!" It is primarily a reminder that no one makes a stupid pop as smart as Taylor. We get many classic humorous lines ("I know I went psycho by phone"). It's nice to be able to give a lesson both for the spelling and the heavy art of love in 3 minutes and 13 seconds.

But when we look back, probably "I" – which is at least 50 percent better Panic! The Disco Brandon Uri – primarily appears as a bracket in Swift's discography.

But everyone can sit quietly in the boat.

Tay's initial offerings tend to be reported. Pop-nodules in pastel colors that can fit the fancy butterfly are guaranteed to embark on upcoming but unpublished, seventh albums.

Zara Larson
TEN / Epic / Sony
POP After "Destroy My Life", a contagious pop song for treacherous love and "Do not worry about me", dance-talented dance dance, is Zara Larson back with the third single from the third album that was expected sometime this year.

"Wow" is a lavish romantic tribute to its own chemicals of love. The most significant is the post-chorus, featuring the American dance music producer March Mello Larsson's terrain is a voice up and down. Fascinating, but still: a little burning for crows. It is still difficult to avoid the feeling that the voice does not come to a complete right.

Sand everywhere
You lost the Army / Warner
POP After a brief excursion in English with the single "Knock Knock" is Laleh back to Swedish. At the same time floating Ted Garddesad breathe in music as a cloudy innocent blue June day. Music becomes super-naive, in the best sense of the word. If you remove the beast of the new "Sand Everywhere", a soft Swedish classic worthy of Vippos's book is seen in every dusty old piano chair. The song is given a summer hit, with sand running out of the hands and sea rinsing over the names written on the beach.

Bruce Springsteen
Hi sunshine
Sony / Bruce Springsteen
Rock Bruce Springsteen he described "Western stars", his first album in five years, as music with convincing, cinematic orchestral arrangements inspired by pop music in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb, Bert Baharach. Country, easy listening, Southern California.

The first single is negligible respect Harry Nilsson "Everyone is talking." The same slave drums, similar to the baseline and bent position, abducted by charter advertising that Nielson's classic is. But the sun is so hopelessly perishable in both songs.

"I had a little sweet point for the rain", Springsteen sings, and at the same time sad and safe as it can only.

Your thoughts pass Ulf Lundels the novel "Working Days", which I read last night. A gentle melancholy song for aging. And such a dignified job, with an acoustic guitar or a typewriter in the lap, looking at the window, where raindrops continue to fall.


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