Saturday , January 16 2021

Severe criticism of the emergency room in Akademika – Uppsala

IVO notes that high workload and lack of care places mean that patients do not receive safe care. They can wait a long time in a way that does not always meet the legal requirements for good care.

In point by point, the image of the emergency department is signed as an uncertain place. Here's a selection:

* Patients are forced to stay in emergency rooms while waiting to take care of so long, which includes the risk of patient safety, especially for multi-disease, elderly people and patients with dementia. These people are at increased risk of pressure ulcers, fractures, malnutrition, difficulties in toiletries management and care and confusion.

* Infected patients mingle with other patients in the corridor and no toilets are available only for patients who carry infections.

* Everyone is not given the same opportunity to seek help when needed and there is a lack of supervision of the condition of patients.

* The greatest risk of being affected is the patients who are in the late afternoon and evening hours, because they had to receive extraordinary defense.

* Patients with hospitalized decisions are forced to lie on the bed in the corridor and are left to their fate. Staff can not supervise patients who also do not have a call alarm.

The unannounced inspection also showed a lack of routines for the distribution of medicine and that all staff in the emergency room do not report all the risks to the patient's safety.

Finally, it is stated that the emergency department aims to not deter any patient while you are there. But then it's not really true today.

IWA requested a report on the hospital's plan to correct the problems. It must be submitted no later than 16 February of the following year.

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