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Section 2 Beet has both endgame and early missions

Briefly, on February 7th, Ubisoft will begin with closed beta testing Section 2, and in this test round is given a chance to test part of the game of the game.

But it starts in the White House, where you and your team are locking up your base and take you to two main tasks and five tasks. In addition, there are many side activities, and the whole thing can be reproduced in three levels of difficulty (display mode, normal, difficult). In addition, access to one of the three dark zones (with PvP and PvE) and shirmish (pure PvP) is provided. The ceiling on the level is reduced to 7 in the bait, but at 17 o'clock on Friday, when the bait is in use for almost a day, you get access to level 30 character and mission.

"Private Beta" calls it a Ubisoft test, and you know the interest here. Before purchasing the game provides a guaranteed access. Beta starts on Thursday, February 7 at 10 am in Swedish time and ends on Monday at 11 am at 10 am. Pu! All the times and information you have here in a different way. In fact, testing works on all three platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Otherwise, a certain FZ-Gustav is now rumored to be at an event with Section 2connectivity. We'll see what he's coming home. (If it comes home, it is.)

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