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Saksabanovic's Jaksabanovic crashed a drought target against Sirius

onChristopher Bergstrom


Sead Shaksabanovic has gone without a word in his 18 18 Swedish matches since his arrival at IFC Norikoping.

He decided on the 19th.

– I needed it for my self-esteem, he tells Sirius 2-0 to Sirius.

Last winter Sead Shaksabanovic returned to Sweden after playing in West Ham and Malaga. He opened the Swedish season unevenly and was occasionally on the bench at IFC Norikoping.

He got his return

This summer, the target form was frightening. In qualifying for the Europa League he scored goals both at home and away against Lippia, and today against Sirius came the first full match in the series.

Jaksabanovic got the ball to the left of the box. He shot in the deck, but first made a comeback and shot 0-1 in the 67th minute.

"It's important to believe it," he tells C More.

Five minutes before full-time, the 20-year-old struck out to replace Calais Holmberg, who went 0-2.

Good distance to Urgarden

The three points mean that ICC Norikoping is seven behind the leader of the series Uurgurden, which also has a less played game. The road there is long, it would not be wrong to write that the Eastern Goths have contact from sixth place to third left of the series. But can we agree that they have a toe left in the fight against gold?

– We were seventh in this match and it is not good enough. Now the climb begins. We're aiming for the top three, ”goalkeeper Isaac Patterson tells ЦMore.

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