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S-summits should end the SSU scandal

When a Member of Parliament Yasmine Larsson (S) visited the mosque in Helsingborg during the election, because, as she thought, talking to voters, she did not think she was thinking.

A member of the Riksdag was forced into a separate room and was satisfied watching television, as S told politicians for the mosque and visitors.

The male S politician should share the view that Larsson should sit in a quiet room. It reveals the evening post of Federico Moreno, who previously reviewed SSU Skåne in several articles.

It happened in Sweden ruled by the "first feminist government in the world". The episode should have struck like a bomb in public and led to harsh reactions by leading Social Democrats.

Philip Botström sounded ignorant

It was not then. This is symptomatic of the silence culture, which was cleaned up by the Post Office. Covered. If possible, refuse, trivialize – please contact us.

The president of the SSU, Philip Botström, was so unaware that he could only when the SSU scandal broke out in October. From the leading politicians of the mother's party, barely audible whip.

But the Scandinavian problem was not a secret. By 2015, the top S's politicians in Skania had sent an alarm report to the Scandinavian party district and to the leadership of the SSU federation. 2017. Another report was sent.

One of the rapporteurs in 2015. Former Kristin Linderoth, president of Skene in 2002-2004. In the evening, she pointed out recently how crisis management after disclosure of information was taken over by the SSU: management of individual wording from individual people, conversations about "personal conflicts" and "organizational conflicts" – instead of solving the basic problem: that the phalang was skinned speak with power, shouting, scaring and holding "long and aggressive statements that you will take over the SSU district".

Trade union democracy was put aside.

Löfven and Stjernfeldt Jammeh are silent

But S and SSU are trying to solve most of the problems. In a statement of the SSU National Council, November 2, a rhetorical question was asked: "Should the SSU club invite representatives having connections to the Salafist movement in Sweden?"Then, the SSU answers the question that it is "not right."


In fact, all the phalanic profiles that ruled SSU Skåne in recent years have been rewarded with assignments and places on the lists, writes Kvällsposten.

The pursuit of social democrats for diversity, the influx of members, new power bases and maximizing the voice may evidently achieve values.

These values ​​are more than just honors. If the most powerful party of Sweden looks between fingers such as anti-Semitism and honorable oppression, because you do not want to challenge the conservative Muslims, then this gives an impulse to practical politics. It affects people from flesh and blood.

And it is – okay? If it is not, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven or Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, chairman of the Malmö City Council, can quickly make it crystal clear, start talking – and shop.

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