Sunday , April 11 2021

Royal celebration in several places during the National Day

Sweden celebrated its national day officially since 1983. But the celebration was not so widespread in Sweden, for example in neighboring Norway, and only 2005 was June 6th.

Today, every third Swedish national day celebrates.

Traditional celebration in Scansen

At Skansen in Djurgården in Stockholm, it is traditionally celebrated. There was a day of the Swedish flag – which was first called a national day – began in 1893.

This year there will be games, concerts and folklore performances during the day, and in the evening there will be royal jokes and several performances by performers. SVT sends the celebration between 18.30 and 19.30.

The royal family will attend the celebration in the early evenings. At 17.55 they travel a royal palace from the Royal Palace to Salisen to Scansen, and then – at 19.15 – return to the castle to receive representatives from the government, parliament and diplomats.

Royal celebration in Dalarna, Hagaparken and in the castle

Before that, the king and the queen will be present at the celebration of the National Day in Dalarna, where they will visit Borlang and Ludwig during the morning and the morning. Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are present at Hagaparken, where the Royal Opera, the Solna town and the Royal Court of Appeals invite you to a great celebration.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sophia will open the Royal Palace at 10 o'clock, while Princess Madeline will first bind to the bark.

Sun and heat on the National Day

It seems to be a brilliant day for the celebration of the Swedish national day, but the sun and the heat. On Wednesday, the record for the season was 30.1 in Horn in Östergötland, but the record could be beaten again on Thursday.

– The northern part will be up to 20 degrees, and in the southern half of the country it will be between 25 and 30 degrees, says Linae Rehn, a meteorologist at SMHI, to TT.

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