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Robin played maritime history in Stockholm – it was a mess

On Saturday, Swedish world star Robin played in Syahistorica in Stockholm during the Smash x Robyn event.

The tickets entered 900 secs.

The event was highlighted as a one-day festival with several artists and DJs, with Robin as the crown of the work – "a total experience of his like" and "a day and night we will never forget" as well as "very good food and drink".

But early in the evening, strong criticism came from the organizers after visitors were forced to queue for several hours to be able to eat and drink in the surroundings.

Several visitors testified that they had to wait up to two or three hours to order food. Others said that the food and drink had ended once, and that the price of food had gone up. According to several visitors, there was also no smoking area until the festival area was allowed to leave and re-enter.

The Facebook event was quickly filled with upset comments during and after the evening.

He went home again

The one who was there was Mia Carberg, 38, from Ursurholm. She is a seasoned concert and festival visitor and thinks the logistics and arrangement have come under criticism.

– Oh my god. I have been to many festivals around the world and this is the worst ever, she says.

You sound a little nervous.

– Yes, a little easy, haha.

Mia Carlberg and her company have been in line for a long time to order food. Eventually she gave up and went home. What she was not alone with, from Facebook comments to a judge.

"We stood in line for an hour and a half to buy pizza, or it was called pizza, but there was no pizza, for $ 290," said Mia Carberg.

'Total disaster'

Express followed the reactions and discussions on Facebook and Instagram. Late Saturday night and night, several comments and announcements disappeared from the event page. On Instagram, the organizer disabled the comment function on the most recent post. But during another Instagram post, visitors testify to the chaos.

– When I got home, I saw the comment threads on Facebook. There were about 120 comments from people who stayed longer, that food was running out, that food was getting more expensive, that took up to three hours in a row, people were fainting, water was running out, everything like … So yeah, totally crazy, says Mia Carberg.

However, all comments disappeared overnight, confirming the screenshots saved.

Mia Carlberg thinks that the planning of the festival area was bad and that she felt unsafe with so many people at the place at the same time.

Were you aware that you left the event in advance?

– No, not before the man went there to see, but this feels … What if something happened, what a dangerous thing. There were another 20,000 people there.

Comment on Instagram

Express requested the organizer Voa Dad by phone, but to no avail.

Earlier this summer, they organized the Smash X Stadium where it attracted attention played by hip hop star Asap Rocky, and next summer agree This year's game by Hakan Helstrom at Ulves in Gothenburg.

On Saturday night, the organizer responded to a number of Facebook-related food comments.

“Everybody works on. All food is replenished all the time. Staff to do their best and fight. Hold on – more pizza is coming. ”, wrote in a comment on Facebook.

In a final comment, on Instagram, the organizer wrote on Saturday night:

"Hey! Many people are hungry and thirsty at the same time. Our team and all our staff do their best to help everyone."

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