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Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games has appeared at least several times as rock stars, and rightly so. They repeatedly showed their ability to create games containing everything from moving stories with interesting characters to open worlds that offer pure exploration. The fact that the budget of the latest games in their "wallet" in many cases exceeds the largest of Hollywood movies, is not surprising, and Red Dead Redemption 2 does not seem to be an exception – rather the reverse.

Well-planned and meticulously detailed introduction, slowly and surely, the player falls into the complex mechanics of the game, and a certain summer story "The Van der Lind Time" is also a masterful way to start history, because it is proof of solidity, reflection and education. game design. At the end of this so-called prologue, the entire game world is introduced in its entirety. What contrasts with the slightly limited surface of the "prologue", not only seems overwhelming, but also attracts beautiful views for exploration.

Stuttering characters like John Marston, Susan Grimshaw, Lenny Summers and Hose Mathews not only interact with each other and the main character of the game (Arthur Morgan) in film sequences or in connection with plot events. Without reacting to actions, in the style of Artur's dress, even for Artur's well-being. A lot, because it is the player who is responsible for such guides when it comes to the main character. If he's sheepin 'in a clay puddle, he gets dirty, he rides, he lands, and his hair and beard grow around him, and he does not get thin and clumsy in more than one way. Such details are far from it, but finding such thoughts in the game on your own is a big part of the joy of playing games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. That's why I will try to be thrifty with this kind of curiosity,

Something else that actively attracts both characters and animals in the world is the way they interact with their surroundings. Just the thought of an artistic and technical constriction that must be as detailed behind it as the mud behaves when stigmas or foot marks in it, as traces in the snow form when Arthur and his gang pulsate through him or like rain the fur and earth are flowing down from both clothes, in short, it is breathtaking. As if that was not enough, characters interact with different types of objects in a way that I've never seen before. In short, it looks realistically when the hero in question raises a jar of beans or puts the gun on the podium again. No clipping, no pen movements, no weight in every move and fixed limits in which the hand on the mark ends and the object begins.

With such a large, versatile and well-integrated world, you can of course expect more than the main tasks you can focus on. Of course, Rockstar Games surpasses my expectations in so many ways that I do not even know where to start. But I still think that the possibility of hunting animals is one of the best starting points. Not because the ability to hunt animals is something new in the game world, but because hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2 can mean far more than shooting at an animal and using parts of the body to cook. Here, hunting can also include the animal's skin to improve the equipment with horns, creating useful items and exclusive fur for selling or sewing clothes. It can also mean long journeys on cold mountain peaks that require warm clothes, and this can mean different rewards depending on how you hunt. Shooting the first best bear does not have to give a qualitative coat, just as a shotgun may not give such a nice blanket as a pair of well-spaced arrows.

As if that was not enough, players could also store clothes, weapons and ammunition somewhere like meat, fur and horn. All this does not fit Arthur's pocket. And if the horse did not take Arthur to the hunting grounds, it was probably here that he appeared in the picture. The western game, of course, was not a western game, but the ability to ride a horse, and the horse in Red Dead 2 is more than a means of transport, it is also a walking baggage, and in many cases Artur's best friend.

To get as much horse as possible, it's important to create a strong bond with him. First of all, take care of it, clean it and feed it. But even by folding it or calming down after a hot sprint of bandits. Managing your horse is rewarded with a companion who runs faster, is more persistent, easier to maneuver and withstands more effort when the balls win. There are several different types of horses to choose from, some can be found in the desert and can be tame, and others can be bought in different cities. Everyone with different potentials in terms of endurance, speed, etc.

However, driving is not the only way to travel. You can also get on the train, one of the many horse carriages in the cities or on foot. There are many choices and more opportunities are opened. However, some "ordering" teleportation, which is usually found in other large open games, is not offered, which may seem both good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, it can be frustrating to move between wild nature and urban life when you want to sell from new yachts. On the other hand, the game never breaks the illusion of playing time and space. Something that I personally really appreciate, especially when wild nature is not the only thing that can lead the time between the main tasks.

During every journey, regardless of the direction, there is always something exciting on the road. If this is not the legendary moose that attracts, it may be a stranger who needs help with his horse or a bandit band trying to rob. Alternatively, the snake erupts from the forest and needs an antidote, or the most indecent lanters invite the strangers to dinner. It may also happen that the companions of "The Van der Lind time" are passing by chat or that wild strangers offer Arthur to buy secret treasure maps. Or so … As you can understand, there is a very long list of things that can happen along the way between all the places you want to visit in the wild west. And believe me, it's just a fraction of all the exciting things that can happen on any trip in the huge world offered at Red Dead 2. Not to mention all the crazy combinations that can lead to all of these events.

The game takes some time, but the time it takes to do what you want to do is basically every circumstance in every respect. Not only when all of the above combinations combine into one beautiful, beautiful accent, it combines with beautifully western-inspired western-style songs, a patch of horse claws on the ground and a quiver of another undiscovered species of birds. Nevertheless, the pounding rate can sometimes be frustrating. At least in more stressful and action-packed sections where you sometimes regret taking a diverging weapon lying on the ground, it did not take much time. Or that the body to be moved well should not be so difficult to lift. Although the pace in most cases contributes to an almost perfect atmosphere.

As far as it is said, you may think that probably there should be nothing to talk about, but it really does exist. The last thing I would like to mention is the control of the game, as it is too much … much, good and bad. Each selection is made by pressing quick keystrokes or keystrokes that require holding the same button for a long time. This arrangement allows the same button to be given several different functions, and some actions are more difficult to make "by mistake". Combine this with another layer of function on the same button depending on whether the right arm button is pressed or not, we have a fairly complicated control schedule that requires a long learning time. Something that may be inevitable in such a huge game, and yet I have a real complaint, one of the two complete complaints that I have. Nevertheless, there are clear points even when it comes to the control schedule. Many and raw layers of control leave room for a few easy-to-use functions. For example, the ability to customize the size of the map without having to enter any menu or the option of switching to the first person perspective by pressing a button to name a few.

To sum up this review, I just want to say that there is no doubt that this game is worth your time. The game does not have one missed opportunity, providing everything from a wonderful open world to subtle subtle details both in history and around. I have never played a game that has as much and as high quality as Red Dead Redemption 2. I will undoubtedly try to devote as much time as I can in the wild west until the end of 2018.


  • Catching history
  • Interesting characters
  • The area around Grandiosa
  • Extensive game world
  • Extremely detailed
  • Very diverse
  • A quiet summer pace
  • Explorers when it's the best
  • Horses and everything they mean
  • Hunting and fishing


  • Slower than you sometimes tolerate
  • Complicated control schedule


Written by: Sannie Jönsson

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