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Prosecutor: I think I should regret – Uppsala

Overall, the man is now sentenced to nine cases of sexual abuse and two cases of sexual abuse. The prosecutor has asked the 23-year-old man to be convicted of attempted rape in two of the cases, but the district court is satisfied with a slower criminal charge of sexual abuse. In brutal crimes, a man with his fingers tried to pierce the victims through their underwear. However, the district court considers that the documents were short-lived and that he did not make any attempt to remove the victims' clothing, which means that it should be classified only as sexual abuse.

The events that a man was now convicted occurred between January 22nd and February 10th this year. Victims are in all cases young women who said that an unknown person lined up behind them and nailed them, usually on the buttocks. In a few cases, the affected women said that the man was carrying his mouth in front of his face.

The sanction becomes a suspended sentence and 60 hours of community service. In addition, the man will pay damages to the affected women, 17,500 Swedish kronor of both women who have been subjected to sexual abuse, and 5,000 SEK to each other. The prosecutor has requested a prison sentence of two and a half years and expulsion from the country. However, according to the district court's assessment, a man can not be expelled because he risks persecution because of his Christian faith.

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Pantus Melander, prosecutor's office.

Prosecutor Pontus Melander says he is likely to appeal the verdict.

– I am pleased that the district court made the same assessment that it was the real perpetrator. However, I am not satisfied with the classification of crime. It stumbles near total rape. Every reason is to let the Court of Appeal try it, says Ponthus Melander.

The convict's lawyer, Stefan Valin, says he is still unable to read the entire verdict and that he should talk to his client on Monday to decide whether to complain or not. He says he is satisfied with how the District Court explained the issue of punishment, but that the man should have been acquitted of at least some of the atrocities.

– My director denied all the charges, and I pleaded to be acquitted in the entire prosecution. But I understand that the evidence is slightly different for some of the works, says Stefan Valin.

In addition to the evidence, there is evidence in the form of DNA traces of one of the affected women's clothing, as well as GPS tracking of the cellphone of the convict and the car of the company he drove.

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