Monday , February 17 2020
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PREPARATIONS: FVM-backed writes short-term deal – Jockey Sweden

It will be a return to Timmy for Philip Westerlund. He signed a short-term contract with the Swedish club.

Philip Westerlund is coming off a grueling season, with shoulder problems and a loan from Frlunda to Timrie. Now he has finished training camp with Arizona and has gone without a deal for next season.

However, the season will start in Timur. He has signed a deal that will last in September with the Swedish club.

– That Philip is coming to us now suits us very well. As we know, Marcus Hardeguard is not ready for the game and will not be there until early October. We know what we've been getting from Philip since he was here last spring and I think this will be good for both us and Philip, says sports boss Kent Norberg on the Timrie website.

"Know what I have"

Westerlund had to make four appearances for Timmy before the injury ended his season prematurely. However, he managed to play in the junior World Cup for Sweden between the injury time.

– I came here last winter / spring, so I know what I have here in Timur. Overall, it feels great to be able to come back here and start the season here anyway, says JVM-back.

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