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During the tensions at night, no new findings or observations were made.

"It is always something special to work and look in the dark." Now, when it is clear, we are continuing to study areas in full strength and methodically and systematically in accordance with the assessments and priorities put into effect, "said Ulla Brehm, police spokesman.

Divers were looking for a stone

At night, after the boy, the divers were looking for a match.

"When there's a watercourse in the search field, it's natural to search there, I have no information that diving would be caused by something special," says Ulla Brehm.

So far, so far, around 1,000 people have been looking for Dante who disappeared from 17 on Tuesday. Many volunteers came to help.

"The commitment of the Falkenbergs is enormous: society is not huge, many people know each other and get involved, those who have a dog, they do an extra turn and look – those who do not have a dog also make an extra queue and many have heard our appeal to look in shops, shelters and similar places where a boy could seek shelter or hide.

Cold can be difficult

At night additional grades appeared in Falkenberg.

"It's not that bad under normal conditions, but if you've been out of the house for some time or have been sheltered somewhere and you do not have food and water, it's definitely cold," says Ulla Brehm.

The police are calling on the public in Falkenberg to pay special attention to their stores, shelters, shelters, play houses, vehicles and the like. According to the police, the boy's parents do not believe he found himself.

"It's possible that the boy went to sleep or looked for a place of refuge, or he could be scared or scared and tried to hide, in this situation we must be open to all possibilities," said Peter Adlersson, president of the police on Wednesday.

The boy left for 36 hours on Thursday morning.

"Time is our worst enemy, we look at our resources and drive with full force, and of course we hope to find the boy as good as possible, but unfortunately we do not have much to do," Tommy said Wednesday evening Nyman, official of the president of the police in Falkenberg.

A pre-test was initiated


On Wednesday evening, police chief Tommy Nyman arrived in Falkenberg. , Photo: Anders Ylander

The police received 30 tips, but nothing happens. On Wednesday afternoon, the police launched a preamble entitled "Human rights", routine police activities aimed at increasing resources and powers.

"We have to be able to search more places than the area, and then we have to search if we go into someone's farm, somebody's shed or property, but there is no indication that the boy was now exposed to crime, but we have to make such a classification" – says Stefan Gustafsson.

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The railway traffic was stopped

On Wednesday morning the search area was extended to the entire municipality of Falkenberg. The police are also open because the boy could have hoped for a bus or train. On Wednesday morning train traffic was stopped on the west coast for a short hour.

"We stopped the trains, partly because there are many people in the area, partly because we wanted to search the tunnel," says Peter Adlersson at the police.

The police also had contact with public transport and health care in Halland in connection with any insights about the disappearance of Dante.

On Wednesday, about 230 military officers and police officers from around the region took part in it.

Missing People has a large number of people on site in the last 24 hours, starting from the football stadium in Falkenberg, volunteers can submit applications.

The insert also contains several patrols for dogs and helicopter tracking. In the Vinberg church, a federal center was established where the police are on hand and can receive directions.

"We're looking for everything that does not belong to nature, like keys, clothes and wallets," says Anton Andersson, a military officer in the Halland air defense register.

The police were also looking for a boy on nearby watercourses.

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Great commitment

On Wednesday evening, the boy's search lasted, but without results. The boy's search lasts over 36 hours and will continue on Thursday.

According to Ulli Brehm, the president of the police in the western region, there is no indication that the boy was the object of a crime.

The boy disappeared on Tuesday at 5 pm from his house in the Tröingeberg district in north-eastern Falkenberg. He was on a doggy walk, but he never came back. The dog was found later.

After disappearing, Dante had a light blue luv jacket and black shoes with a reflex. He has blonde hair, is 140 cm tall and has a slim figure.

Persons who may have information should contact the police at 114 14.

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