Wednesday , January 27 2021

Pedestrians hit by two cars – flew ten meters


This morning, a man was hit on a pedestrian crossing at Finlandsgatan in Stockholm. The force made him fly about ten meters in the air and lie on the street. When he was on the street, he was hit by another driver of a vehicle.

The man who was hit was taken to hospital with a possible concussion and a suspected back fracture. When police spoke to him, his recollection of the accident was unclear.

The first driver of the vehicle disappeared from the scene of the accident, the second stayed and talked to the police.

– It was the other driver of the vehicle who reported the accident. It was at the scene that the first collision was discovered, said police spokesman Tow Hague.

Parts of the exterior exterior mirror and Toyota emblem remained on the ground.

The driver who remained at the scene of the accident was not physically injured, but was also taken to hospital to be processed.

Police are investigating the accident as a car accident, infection and causing bodily injury.

“We are very upset to find the first driver of the vehicle, it seems that he is the one who caused the most damage to the traffic participant,” said Tow Hague.


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