Sunday , June 20 2021

Now the lakes will be bombed by lime with a helicopter – News in Nibro – 24 hours a day

One of the major ecological problems of the county is the acidification of lakes and streams. From Monday, November 26, many lakes will arrive Nybro and Municipalities of Embad to chalk with a helicopter.

Calcification will continue continuously with dosing in Bjurbäcken in Åleberg and in Lyckebyån in Åfors.

Here, the lakes that will be characterized:

Surface area of ​​Hagban: Åsgöl, Gransjösjön, Alsbogöl and Virkesjön

Area of ​​the watershed Halltorpsåns: Smedshon, Bastion, Sorshon, Torsion and Gangol

Area of ​​the Liquebee River: Ödevaten, Alsjösjön, Loften, Törn, Ubbemålasjön, Munkasjön, Bredasjösjön, Hallasjön and Yen

Nättrabyån Basin Area: Smedgöl, Skepen, Fornamålasjön, South Kalven, Lidasjön, Hammarsjön, Lillsjön, Nätterhövden.

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