Friday , April 16 2021

New research: Vaccinated people did not spread the measles further

28 people fell ill in winter 2017-2018. 16 of them have already been vaccinated against measles. Many of them worked at the hospital. But the type of measles that affects a previously vaccinated person is called a breakthrough brass and is different from the first brass.

– The immune system is rapidly starting and pushing the infection. Those patients did not get as much cough as they usually have and were quicker, says Lars-Magnus Anderson.

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Not in one case, the researchers were able to see that the breakthrough brass is spreading further. Globally, there are only a few such cases – then it is about spreading infections in people who have had close contact with the infected person for a long time.

Using the method used by doctors during the onset of Sahlgrenska, it is easy to see who has measles. Therefore, the work of the epidemic should be much easier, says Lars-Magnus Anderson.

– We contacted thousands of people and gave them hundreds of doses of vaccine. If we know that it is a person who has a breakthrough in brass, we can distinguish the group that we control. It may be enough for those who live with the face.

Tip: Stay home

Today's guidelines say the breakthrough of brass should be handled in the same way as the first brass, something Lars-Magnus Anderson now hopes to change.

However, researchers have no new suggestions as to how hospital staff already vaccinated should be protected from contagion. It sometimes happens that it is unlikely to be avoided.

How should anyone who has a break through brass deal with the disease?

"It's very likely that someone will get advice that he should be at home, while someone is not free from fever, but this is one of the things we want people who write national recommendations to take a stand," says Lars Magnus Anderson.

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