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Nabil Bahui on penalties against Celtic: "Judge agrees"

onFrieda Jagerlund

Glasgow. The AIK dropped strongly against Celtic in the first qualifying session – but could also bring a decisive penalty.

That was recognized by the assistant judge, Nabil Bahui said.

– He agreed (that was a penalty), one hundred percent, says AIK: the arena.

AIK would not have opposed much of a match in the Europa League with Celtic in front of some 40,000 Celtic Park spectators.

The match ended 2-0 at home team. Although the uphill is heavy, Nabil Bahui, who had to make his AIK comeback debut, looks light on the comeback.

– I just feel like we have every chance in the world to turn this around, with the audience behind the team. I don't see any obstacles, says Bahui.

"The goals they make are certainly very likely, but we are fighting defensively. If we manage to be a little more offensive then I think he can go home.

"It's very bad in filming"

It could have ended differently if AIK had been sentenced in the first half.

– One hundred percent. We have a variant that Tariq (Eliunusi) usually does with Seb (Larson) and now I had to take on that role, explains Bahui.

– He pulled me over. I'm really bad at filming, I've always said that. The assistant agreed with me, but I don't understand why I didn't get it.

Assistant Judge Admits His Mistake?

– Yeah yes, I got it at halftime, "hello ref, did you see that?" And he replied "yes, I saw it". So he agreed. Then I was like "why didn't you defend yourself?" And then he replied that the ball was not there. But he agreed, one hundred percent.

Chief Judge on the same path

Nabil Bahui also chose to challenge the chief judge.

"It also looked a bit on the same path, but not as much as the liner," says AIK: the arena that called for WAR before it started:

– I actually asked him earlier if it was WAR today. But it obviously wasn't.

The rematch in the Friends arena will be played next Thursday.

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