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Movie Review: "Aniara" is a prosaic underwater vision

The catastrophic clash between "goldondern" Aniara, the most famous rescue craft of culture and interstellar rock heat echoes through history.

The gigantic spacecraft that were thrown out of the course and began to descend into nothing, had to be channeled and symbolized by existential anxiety in various art forms.

The Harry Martinson's sarcastic saga "Anyaara: reviving man in time and space" from the 1950s has been turned into opera, ballet, concerts, stage monologues and music. He inspired workers to death, turned into public art, and even became a serial book.

The first feature film based on "Aniara", sufficiently avoids great gestures and high-pitched appeals. Regiduon Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja are incredibly quietly and efficiently displaying a low-budget visionary vision in prosaic environments. Think about the scenographic mix between the newly opened glittering shopping-soft and upgraded Finnish ferry.

Thousands of emigrants who originally boarded Aniara, many burned, left a devastated planet to look for a new future on Mars. Quick collage of disaster pictures indicates urgency.

The traumatized crowd is quiet from many shops, soft carpets, hollows, nightclubs and playgrounds. The greatest comfort is in Miman, the remarkable mixture of high-tech computer brains and creatures similar to Gods that preserve the memories of all the old mothers on earth.

The mimic, nurse Miman, becomes our companion on the slender plane of "Aniaras". Crises, cults and chaos are released with one another in a long dance of death under blue-gray electric light. Hot flaming hopes are mixed with cold fatalism. It is a difficult, but also unexpected and close emotional disaster of the skin without a search effect.

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Congenia eclipsed electronic music, without operating gestures, works very well with the images. The daily dialogue, in a couple of paid occasions, receives lyric shots from the original text with its space intuition, which creates a nice effect of contrast.

Emely Johnson is disarming an interpretation of the young Mimabo who constantly desperately cares for his hope and nurtures his ability to love. Anelli Martini is salty and fun in the role of her opposite, the absurd astronomer Roberta. "People never impressed me," notes the older woman.

Arvin Kananyan, however, plays Cosmic boss Cephon, who animates his anxiety with an impressive ice. But the characters are otherwise slightly anonymous, which remains the biggest weakness of "Aniaras".

It is a difficult, but also unexpected and close emotional disaster of the skin without a search effect.

"But soon the alarm will be off. The clocks say that the fairytales' images are blurred," from visions here as anxiety appears, "Martinson said in his time, fueled by the fear of nuclear war and initial environmental destruction.

Today, the climate alarm has long since passed. In a certain dark scenario is
we all today the passengers aboard the sailboat Aniara, directing our collapse – something akin to this drama silently, but the real reminding creation is reminiscent.

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