Sunday , April 18 2021

More trains for SAS strings during a pilot strike

S.J. significantly increases the number of train stations as a result of a pilot strike. According to Stephen Rey, a press officer in SS, the pressure on train tickets has already risen.

– Even before the strike was up to date, we had a lot of pressure and we began to strengthen ourselves. Yesterday afternoon we saw that sales rose sharply. During the weekend, we strengthened with 18 additional trains, he says.

The additional trains correspond 5,000 additional seats on the Stockholm-Gothenburg express train and 5,000 additional places on the Stockholm-Malmö track. More train carriages are also attached to the trains of West Stambeng and on the road to Östersund. There are no discounts on tickets.

– It's common prices. Where we deposit more trains, the price is low from the start, but increases with ticket sales. For some departures, you can find cheap tickets and in more popular times is more expensive depending on how tickets are sold, says Stephen Ray.

How long have you been able to continue with the expanded capacity?

– Not for a long time. It's easier when it's a weekend because then there are available staff. But we already have such a huge demand that we already use almost everything we have in normal mode. It is difficult to keep such extra production from a longer perspective, says Stephen Ray.

TT was the first to report this.

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