Sunday , April 18 2021

More and more girls are vaccinated against HPV – but guys then?

That more and more girls are now vaccinated against HPV means a reduced risk of experiencing serious cell changes and cervical cancer in the future, says epidemiologist Tia Lepp in the Public Health Office. The reason for this increased percentage of girls who are vaccinated believe this may be because several are now vaccinated when vaccines are offered to girls in grades 5 and 6. But for boys, this vaccine is not currently offered as part of their general vaccine program. If the guys want to get vaccinated, they have to pay.

In September 2017, the Public Health Office presented a proposal to the government on the hope of offering HPV vaccines, human papillomavirus, even for boys, not just for girls, because they thought vaccination against the virus meets the criteria of infectious disease legislation .

The reason why HPV vaccination only encompasses girls today in the general vaccination program is because when the program was introduced the program did not have the same knowledge as today for how the vaccine can affect the spread of HPV infection and protect against forms of cancer related with HPV that most often affect only that. men, the Public Health Office writes. Hope on their part is to be able to offer the vaccine both for girls and boys in the future.

genital warts

The most common type of HPV is one that causes warts around the genitals of girls and boys as a result of sexually transmitted disease. condylomas. According to the Care Manual, no superficial symptoms appear and may take one year before the onset of symptoms. Condiloma is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in young people and affects girls and boys. Today, the vaccine against this virus is available only for girls under 18 years old and is included in the high cost of protecting women aged 19-26 years. Others have to pay.

Prevent cancer and condyloma

Three-quarters of HPV-caused cancer, according to the Public Health Office, is estimated to be preventable by the vaccination program that exists today for girls. If the boys were to be included in this program, 120 cancer cases annually could be prevented. The proposed vaccine provides protection against various viral HPV viruses, including what causes cervical cancer and genital warts.

In the Government's proposal for public health, they say that although girls have already been vaccinated at this young age against this virus, boys are indirectly protected from the spread of the virus. This means that at present, responsibility for girls is to be vaccinated to reduce the spread of condyloma because boys can carry the virus without knowing they have condyloma and are unlikely to be tested when to pay for the vaccine.

Each year, more than 300 men and over 700 women in Sweden suffer from breast cancer, according to the Public Health Office.

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