Friday , April 16 2021

More and more elderly people seek higher education – News in Helsingborg – 24 hours a day

Since autumn 2014, the search has the university is continually decreasing, but now the UHR, the University and the Council of Higher Education notes that there is a small increase. From 360 150 candidates last fall to 360 200 autumn 2019. Despite the increase, the number of young applicants has been decreasing for the fifth consecutive year.

– Despite the fact that the number of applicants under the age of 25 decreases by three percent, statistics show a first plus in five years, although the increase is only about 50 people. The increase is due to a larger group of older candidates, which has increased by two percent, says Karin Röding, UHR Director General in a press release.

As before, it is There are more women than men seeking higher education, and the number of women seeking is increasing by 0.8 percent. The total percentage of female candidates is 61 percent.

The UHR also notes that the number of candidates for teacher training programs is reduced by a total of two percent, while more people are registered for special educational, vocational and special education courses.

Attractive education for school teachers attracts less and search pressure is reduced by 11 percent. There is also a big difference in gender distribution, the percentage of men applying for education is only ten percent.

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