Friday , April 16 2021

Meteorologist: National Day Overheating Gothenburg Post

It was really hot in Göteborg yesterday, but the national day comes with even warmer weather and temperatures around 30 degrees.

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"Today it's getting really hot, maybe even 31 or 32 degrees warm," said Per Holmberg, foreca weather forecaster.

Record the chances of heat

On Wednesday, the hottest day in Gothenburg this year was measured at 26.6 degrees. But, with a high probability, there will be a new record for heat during the National Day. South-wind winds are favorable for creating a really hot weather on the west coast, which also seems to get the hottest day in Sweden.

– It is located between Gothenburg and somewhere in the central part of Norland, says Per Holmberg.

Yesterday, Östgötska Härsnäs beat Sweden's heat record this year with 31.1 degrees. However, the sunny weather in Gothenburg during the National Day may be interrupted by one and another thunderstorm in the afternoon.

"There is a greater risk slightly further north of Bohaslan and Trollhattan, but there is a risk of thunderstorms even in Gothenburg or especially in Gothenburg," said Per Holmberg.

Jan Engleblo is a weather forecaster foreca .. Image: Foreca

A cool time before the weekend

As the national day sings on the last verse, it seems that the heat does the same.

– Some time during the night, a little cooler air enters the ground, which collides with hot air. This can contribute to heavy rains. On Saturday, we can expect significantly lower temperatures. A little further east of Gothenburg may also have large thunderstorms and there is a risk of flooding, says Jan Enblum, a forex meteorologist.

In the future, Friday night can be cleared at temperatures around 17 degrees.

At the weekend, it looks like it will run for the continuation of the unstable weather with alternating weather conditions with sun, clouds and low rain. Temperature is expected to land between 15 and 20 degrees.

And any further summer heat does not seem to be at the entrance, but most of it indicates an extended normal temperature.

"If you're looking for super heat then Thursday is a day," says Jan Englberg.

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