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Marianne heard a loud scream in Kertorp – she helped give birth

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"Of course I'm very happy to be able to help"

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High screams from Quertorp Square caused Marianne Bodin, 62, to interrupt her evening walk.

She found a pregnant woman giving birth in the middle of the center, and quickly moved in.

"My only thought was that the child must come out and start breathing," says Marianne.

Marianne Bodin, 62, was out with a friend when loud cries were heard from the center of Kerthorpe in Stockholm. Friends understood that something was happening and headed for the square. There they were met by a woman giving birth. The baby's head was already visible.

"People around him were handcuffed and shocked, so I realized very quickly that I needed to do something," says Marianne Bodin.

The pregnant woman was lying on the ground against a stone wall, with about ten people and her husband calling for an ambulance – but it was postponed.

– When I saw the poor woman lying directly on the ground, I grabbed the plastic bag next to her. I found a blanket on the beach that she could lie on, Marijana says.

"The child must come out"

While waiting for an ambulance, Marianne started helping the woman. The 62-year-old works as a nurse but has never been able to help deliver a child before – until Friday night.

– Although I do not care about childbirth, I am a person who cares about things. My only thought was that the baby had to get out before it got oxygen deficient.

After a ten-minute struggle, the baby came out. Marianne got a piece of cloth to wrap the newborn. On the other side of the telephony, the alarm center was leading on what to do next.

– The nurse was worried that we would not get our breath and told me to massage and hang the baby on foot, then a small scream came.

"Dramatic Situation"

A few minutes after the baby was born, two ambulances drove into the square.

"I told her that the baby was born right in the fourth of eight nights and that they should take care of their breathing," says Marianne.

Before the family was taken to the hospital, Marianne called her husband's cell phone number. They had no contact after the incident, but she hopes both the woman and the baby are doing well.

– Everything was so messy, so I'm not sure if it became a boy or a girl, but I really hope they will hear soon and tell me that everything went well.

In a post on Facebook, Marianne's girlfriend tells about the event. Their efforts were loved by hundreds.

"Of course I'm very happy to be able to help in such a dramatic situation," he said. Kertorp Square is not an optimal place to give birth, says Marianne Bodin.

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